Pre-trip audit & approval

Battle-proven technology

The Raphide approach is characterised by transparency, simplicity, independence and applicability, sustainable basic for Business Critical Business Tripsl

In Raphide a Traveller creates a Travel dossier 

  1. For which division 
  2. For which business unit
  3. Trip reason - internal meeting - customer visit - conference
  4. Traveller uploads Meeting schedule, invitations and relevant files
  5. Traveller adds extra information

Business Critical Business Trips

  • Sales and Client meetings when personal contact adds value - new business is hard to replicate digitally
  • Manufacturers will struggle to monitor remotely factories in farflung corners of their supply chain
  • Trade shows and conferences
Raphide supports Business Critical Trips. Request our framework to start build a sustainable business travel programme

Future of Business Travel 

Low level internal meetings will migrate permanently to the online world, Zoom, Google Hangouts, Skype and other video conferencing services have a good change of permanently replace a percentage of companies business trips for several reasons. 

  • Companies badly hit by COVID-19 will be under pressure to cut costs and travel is an easy target
  • Blizzard of pledges to cut carbon emissions and hit climate change targets, make cutting flying low hanging fruit
  • Vaccins may reopen borders to travellers but large firms will be reluctant to sanction trips not strictly required
  • Length of the trip will increase - combining trips will be the new normal



Workflow Platform

Raphide is the online booking tool for: 
  • - Bookers & travellers
  • - Travel managers
  • - Travel buyers
  • - Finance managers
  • - Senior management
  • - Risk managers
  • - Sustainability managers
  • - Travel management companies
And last not least:
  • - Our children
  • - Our planet 

Sustainable Business Programme

Request our papers:  
  • - Sustainable Development Goals linked to business travel 
  • - Select sustainable suppliers in Request For Proposal (RFP)
  • - Small COreduction steps
  • - 7 tips on how to reach your company's CO2-emission target
  • - Sustainable choices in global business travel after the COVID-19 pandemic





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