The Raphide approach is characterised by transparency, simplicity, and independence of expensive external systems that currently dominate the market. Business critical trips are easily planned, authorised and booked, within your sustainable travel policy.

In Raphide the traveller creates a travel dossier:

  1. For which division
  2. For which business unit
  3. Trip rationale: internal meeting/customer visit/conference/emergency/…
  4. Traveller uploads meeting schedule, invitations and relevant files
  5. Traveller adds extra information

Business Critical Business Trips

  • Sales and client meetings when personal contact adds value: generating new business is hard to achieve digitally
  • Manufacturers will struggle to monitor remote factories in far-flung corners of their supply chain
  • Trade shows and conferences where you simply must be visible

Raphide supports business critical travel. Request our framework to start building a sustainable business travel programme.




We are a dedicated organisation, consisting of qualified professionals with a no-nonsense mentality, and most of all a keen interest in sustainability.

André Koch


André has 25 years of experience in technology and is an advocate of sustainable travel.

Workflow Platform

Raphide is the online booking tool for: 
  • - Bookers & travellers
  • - Travel managers
  • - Travel buyers
  • - Finance managers
  • - Senior management
  • - Risk managers
  • - Sustainability managers
  • - Travel management companies
And last not least:
  • - Our children
  • - Our planet 

Sustainable Business Programme

Request our papers:  
  • - Sustainable Development Goals linked to business travel 
  • - Select sustainable suppliers in Request For Proposal (RFP)
  • - Small COreduction steps
  • - 7 tips on how to reach your company's CO2-emission target
  • - Sustainable choices in global business travel after the COVID-19 pandemic





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