About the world of our children 

Two allies, two voices calling for action to keep our children's world livable. In this letter book, Marjan Minnesma and Jan Terlouw share their concerns about the faster climate change, about the threat to nature and humanity. But they are not doomsday messages that they send each other. With a lot of knowledge, they come up with possible solutions, such as those alternatives that can prevent environmental pollution, such as new energy source,

in case a different approach to the problems than has been achieved until now. Worried Letters is the infectious, inventive and difficult people standing up for their children and grandchildren and wanting to see how that livable climate is
everything for their future.

ISBN: 9789463821728 (ebook) 9789463821605 (paperback)

Authors: Marjan Minnesma (Urgenda) &  Jan Terlouw 

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We are a dedicated organisation, consisting of qualified professionals with a no-nonsense mentality, and most of all a keen interest in sustainability.

Petra van der Meer


Petra is an unshakeable optimist, has a strong focus and gets things done! She is on a mission to make companies travel Environment-Friendly.

André Koch


André has 25 years of experience in technology and, just like Petra, is an advocate of sustainable travel.

Workflow Platform

Raphide is the online booking tool for: 
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And last not least:
  • - Our children
  • - Our planet 

Sustainable Business Programme

Request our papers:  
  • - Sustainable Development Goals linked to business travel 
  • - Select sustainable suppliers in Request For Proposal (RFP)
  • - Small COreduction steps
  • - 7 tips on how to reach your company's CO2-emission target
  • - Sustainable choices in global business travel after the COVID-19 pandemic





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