Our future on a hot earth

An international bestseller, the first climate book that doesn't leave the reader depressed: realistic and hopeful, witty and clarifying.

Over five years covering climate change, Jelmer Mommers has learned that the subject is a great way to ruin a conversation. Most people prefer to look away, which is understandable when we discuss climate change as an apocalypse. But the crisis does not offer a definitive end. There are always ways we can mitigate, prevent, and reverse the damage.

Drawing on the latest climate science, Jelmer Mommers describes the current state of the climate and how we got here, sketches possible futures if we act and if we don't, and explains common misconceptions about the crisis - from outright denial to fatalism. He then shows what we can do - individually and collectively - to address the crisis , from taking trains rather than flying short distances to ensuring our pensions aren't invested in fossil fuels to pushing governments via activism and elections to build renewable power plants. No-one is too small to help.

This is a book is for everyone who is looking away or is resigned to an imagined fate. And, unlike so many other 'climate change books', it promises to make the reader laugh and leave them with both hope and a plan. Because there will be future generations who we will have to explain ourselves to, and if we make the wrong choices they may be very very angry

Author: Jelmer Mommers

ISBN: 9 789082942149

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